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Top 5 Best Crossbow Cases – (2021 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Chances are, you forked out a bundle of dough to own your prized crossbow. Now, it’s time to choose the best crossbow case to protect it. As you probably already know, there are both hard and soft cases to store every type of crossbow. In this guide, we feature our top storage solutions for compound crossbows, recurve crossbows, reverse-draw crossbows, and compact models.

Additionally, you’ll find storage options for all the most well-known brands including Ravin, TenPoint, Barnett, Wicked Ridge, and Excalibur. Plus, if you own a crossbow with a built-in cocking device, you’ll find cases below that get the job done.

Before we check out the cases, it’s important to consider that there are general cases and brand-specific cases. A general case fits most brands and types of crossbows, while a brand-specific case is made by the same maker of the bow. If you choose a branded case, then always make sure to match your model number to the case.

However, we’ve seen instances where models not listed by the manufacturer do fit the case. If you’re unsure whether your bow will fit, it’s wise to contact the manufacturer directly or consult current owners to see if they were able to fit the same model as you.

Now, let’s get started with our top picks and reviews of each.

Best Crossbow Case Reviews

In each review, we include the key highlights & specs to consider. Plus, we did our best to mention the brands and types of crossbows that fit each case. You’ll also find pros & cons to consider for each model, plus tips on why you might want to choose one case over another. Our first review features our top overall pick.

#1) SKB ATA Crossbow Case 8010

The overall most protective and best hard crossbow case is SKB’s ATA case. If you’re unfamiliar with SKB, the company specializes in bow cases, and in our opinion, they’re the best in the business. When you invest in an SKB case, you know you’re getting ultimate protection for your bow. Additionally, if you need a crossbow case for air travel, the ATA case is a top-notch choice.

The reason we say this is that SKB backs its cases with an unconditional lifetime warranty and even gives you $1500 worth of Content Coverage. How’s that for peace of mind? Beyond coverage, the fact that this case is on quiet-glide wheels also makes it a good choice for air travel. Now, let’s take a look at the features that make this case special.

Inside the case, you’ll find enough molded foam to customize storage to your liking and enough room to hold your bow w/ accessories including your scope. Next, the outer seal protects your bow against moisture and dust like a champ. Third, the outer shell is built to last and take a beating along the way without losing its integrity. All in all, this case is a winner and the perfect hard crossbow case for most brands ranging from Horton to TenPoint.


  • The wheels, content coverage, and case strength make it the best crossbow case for air travel
  • Fits most crossbows manufactured by the top brands
  • Locking hasps to use your own locks for air travel or general security
  • A weatherproof seal prevents moisture and dust from entering
  • Plenty of internal storage for your bow, accessories, and bolts
  • Ample internal straps and cushioning
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty


  • Heavier than other cases at 16.99lbs
  • It’s big
  • You might or might not find the pockets to be useful

#2) Ravin Hard Case (R182 or R186)

Our personal favorite crossbow brand is Ravin, so if you own a Ravin crossbow, Ravin’s hard case is the perfect match. The main reason to choose this case is that it’s specifically made for Ravin crossbows. As a result, you get the most efficient use of interior space for your Ravin crossbow without adding extra weight. Comparatively, this case weighs 12lbs, which is nearly 5lbs lighter than the SKB ATA case.

Next, it’s important to match your Ravin crossbow to the correct case because we’ve seen owners choose the wrong case. Model R182 is made specifically for Ravin R10 and R20 models, while model R186 pairs with Ravin models R26, R29, and R29X. However, we have seen folks store the R26 in the 182 case w/ mods, but model R29X does not fit the 182. Depending on case availability, that’s an important note to consider.

As for the case, the case has room for your crossbow, scope, accessories, bolts/arrows, and your optics. It’s made of reinforced polymer rather than cheap plastic and features a watertight seal secured by cam-over latches. Lastly, the interior sports specially cut foam that fits your Ravin crossbow like a glove.


  • Fits a fully-assembled Ravin crossbow like a glove
  • Lighter than the SKB ATA case
  • No need to dismount your scope before storing
  • Water-resistant seal
  • Places to use your own locks
  • Reinforced polymer construction, no cheap plastic
  • TSA-approved for air travel


  • Made specifically for Ravin crossbows
  • The latches are good, but the twist latches on the ATA case are better

#3) Excalibur 95855 EX-Shield Soft Crossbow Case

Now, if you own an Excalibur recurve crossbow or other recurve model, this the best soft crossbow case for your bow. First, when choosing a soft case, we always check to make sure that the company didn’t skimp on the zippers. Because as well know, cheap zippers are the absolute worst. The good news is Excalibur chose heavy-duty zippers for its bag that move smoothly.

Next, Excalibur didn’t skimp on the padding either. You’ll find padding throughout the bag to protect your bow, accessories, and optics. Third, we really like what Excalibur did with the outer pockets. In total, there are three external pockets that give you more than enough room for additional accessory storage and gear. So, if you need to store extra limbs, bolts, strings, etc., there are spots for those items as well.

Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that this bag is best suited for Excalibur brand recurve crossbows or bows of similar size. The problem is that if you use it with the wrong bow, you’ll most likely find that there’s too much space around the bow, leading to shifting in transit.


  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Padding throughout the case
  • Ample external storage
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Fits Excalibur recurve bows like a glove
  • More affordable than premium hard cases


  • No internal velcro or straps to secure the bow
  • It’s on the bulky side

#4) Plano Spire Compact Crossbow Case

Plano Molding Spire Crossbow Case, Compact Black, 113200

On the hunt for the best budget alternative to an SKB case? If you answered yes, then here’s your answer. Plano is a well-known brand among bowhunters with over 60 years of experience in the outdoor storage solution department. Since the company’s inception, they’ve surely come a long way to offer better gear for competitive prices.

Currently, there are several Plano crossbow case models, and we like the Spire the most for the money. Two other popular models you might want to check out are the Bow Max and Manta, with the Manta being the most premium of the bunch. However, once you enter that price range, you might as well stick with SKB. For this reason, we like the Spire because it’s the most affordable of the three to suit every budget.

As for the Spire’s construction, it’s made in the USA with a tough plastic material that’s not on par with Ravin’s polymer, but it does get the job done. One of the biggest highlights of this hard case is that it’s the lightest in our guide at 10 lbs, and it fits crossbows by most of the major brands. Finally, the balanced carry handles and interior high-density foam padding are both nice touches.


  • The lightest hard crossbow case in our guide
  • Fits most crossbows
  • More compact than bulkier cases
  • Made in the USA
  • Interior straps to secure your bow
  • Comfortable carry handles


  • Not quite as weaterproof as SKB or Ravin hard cases
  • You might want to add more foam padding
  • Not the best choice for air travel

#5) Wicked Ridge Soft Crossbow Case with Backpack Straps

Last we have another excellent soft case that’s our top-rated case for reverse-limb crossbows. However, it’s important to note that it’s not made for reverse-draw crossbows only. You’ll find that both recurve and compound models fit as well. Outside of fit, the first reason you might like this case over the others is the comfortable backpack straps for easier on-the-go transport. If you’re traveling with a suitcase, it’s nice to know you’ll have both hands free rather than having to carry your bow case at your side.

Next, this case is super lightweight at just 2.5 lbs. This means it’s the lightest case in our guide and also the least protective. While it does feature a padded interior, compared to Excalibur’s soft case, there’s definitely less padding. Additionally, external storage solutions aren’t quite as robust with just one large exterior pocket for stowing arrows, your quiver, broadheads, and more.

A couple of final highlights are the rubber-grip side handle in case you do want to carry it suitcase-style, high-quality zippers, and the materials are tough. All things considered, this is a top budget crossbow case that’s a good choice for travel on land and into the field when it’s more convenient to have the case on your back.


  • A good choice for bowhunters who use treestands
  • Fits reverse-limb crossbows
  • Tough materials and zippers
  • Large exterior pocket for carrying all your gear in one spot
  • Backpack straps and side carry handle
  • Super lightweight at 2.5lbs


  • Not the most protective case
  • No internal straps to secure your bow in place

Bottom Line

It’s wise to protect your investment with the best crossbow case. When choosing a case for your bow, consider how much you paid for your bow vs the cost of the case. If you own a premium Ravin or TenPoint bow, then SKB is undoubtedly the first place to look because SKB cases are the most protective. Plus, they’re the best for air travel since baggage handlers likely don’t care as much about your bow as you do.

If you own an entry-level bow or just need a basic storage solution to go between home and the field, then the soft cases in this guide or Plano’s Squire case are your best bets. The bottom line is that once you consider how you plan to use your case and how much you value your bow, choosing the right case is a no-brainer.

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